Evening Light in Woodstock, Vermont


I woke up last week to a world I didn't know. It felt to me a dark and fearful place.  Civility a distant memory. 

So how was I to navigate the storm raging within me and in the world around me? 

As a photographer chasing the light has been my place of heart and has given me the images and memories I most enjoy.  

So I picked up my camera - my iPhone camera - and went searching for the light on a dark Vermont day. 

I took several photos in the streets of Woodstock. I looked both ways, on both sides of the street, and standing in the middle of the street too. Finally, I stood still at the curb, attracted to the leading lines of the crossroad. I waited. I waited for the light to appear in the sky and in the road. I was delighted by the starburst in the lights approaching me and snapped the shutter. 

Almost instantly, my mood lifted and I saw the half light in a dusky storm. The act of chasing the light was weaving its magic. With that press of the shutter I awakened fully and my direction became more clear.

It's why I take photos. 

It's the light that matters in photography and in life. And for me the two are interwoven. 

Where is your light? What do you see?

I welcome your comments. 


Photo taken with my iPhone 6. Snapseed is my go to editing app.